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After one day of the maintenance, we have another development log for you.

We have taken your suggestions into account. Please read

  • Player Warps: (Staff will monitor these. Any traps will result in a 24-hour ban and the warp being removed. Please only use these for shops).
  • /pwarps - Show the main GUI interface of warps available to go to.
    /pwarps help - Show a list of commands usage
    /pwarps set - Set a warp at the current Location for the player.
    /pwarps delete - Delete current warp for the player
    /pwarps title <title text> - set the title text for the players warp
    /pwarps lore1 <lore text> - set the text for the players 1st lore line
    /pwarps lore2 <lore text> - set the text for the players 2nd lore line
    /pwarps lore3 <lore text> - set the text for the players 3rd lore line
    /pwarps icon - Set the icon in the GUI to the icon of the item the player is holding in their hand
  • The balance on your scoreboard is now formatted.
  • Tablist now shows your balance and has been redone.
  • Hovering over the player's online tab on the server-menu gives you information about the server.
  • Hovering your cursor over the player's name will now show their username as well.
If you have any more suggestions, please comment on this thread and we will look into it.
Well, after 4 hours of continuous maintenance. We've finally got a development log for you!

  • New chat formatting
  • You can now hover over usernames and it will show their rank, if they're married, and their balance.
  • All regular rank up tags (New-Royal) have been moved to /tags
  • All donator tags (Iron-Obsidian) have been moved to /tags
  • Royal rank has been added, costing $248.17 million dollars.
  • Scoreboard "Rank" line changed to show your group.
The town of the week goes to Smallville!

Hello all!

We're planning to do a longer maintenance than usual which will last up to a week, depending on if things go according to plan.

So, what are we planning to do?
We're going to completely overhaul the server, from the shop (yes, finally we're adding new things) to the ranks and the way tags show. We're also planning to stabilise the economy more, and make the game more fun, whilst not making it harder.

We want the experience that you will have on CYT to be unique, and this means things must change. We must evolve as a server to better our selves and make ourselves stand out against our competition.

This will be done on Tuesday 30th January and will last till the Tuesday 6th February at most, the server may open earlier depending whether or not we're done.
We want you to help us do this, please comment below anything you would like to see on the CYT server.