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IMPORTANT Crates Update
Hey everyone! Yet again it's your favorite Minecraft towny server co-owner Chance with some newsssss

Crates Update-

Yes! We've updated the crates! Same crates but different system, i'll go ahead and explain what's in the crates and how it will work. Also, there is no longer a magical and uncommon crate, they are now Rare and Epic crates.

New crate rewards:

React Crate:
-5 Iron
-5 Gold
-5 Diamond
-5 Emerald
-250$ ingame
-500$ ingame
-750$ ingame
-Vote Crate Key
-2$ store voucher

Vote Crate:
-10 Iron
-10 Gold
-10 Diamond
-10 Emerald
-1000$ ingame
-1500$ ingame
-2000$ ingame
-Rare Crate Key
-5$ store voucher

Rare Crate:
-20 Iron
-20 Gold
-20 Diamond
-20 Emerald
-3000$ ingame
-3500$ ingame
-4000$ ingame
-Epic Crate Key
-10$ store voucher

Epic Crate:
-32 Iron
-32 Gold
-32 Diamond
-32 Emerald
-5000$ ingame
-5500$ ingame
-6000$ ingame
-Mystical Crate Key
-20$ store voucher

Mythical Crate:
-64 Iron
-64 Gold
-64 Diamond
-64 Emerald
-7000$ ingame
-7500$ ingame
-8000$ ingame
-Epic Crate Key
-Mystical Crate Key
-50$ store voucher

Now i know what y'all are thinking specifically Jpsh. "tHaTs BaReLy AnYtHiNg!!?!?" Well yes to start, right after 4.1 releases Monday the fun starts. 1 item per crate will be added every 2 days and after we have enough items we will start rotating the items in crates! So every month the crate items will change so you won't get boring of the same things forever. There is also a new key converter so those pesky old keys you can convert into new!

Hope you enjoy the update to crates and if you have any...
Hey Everyone,

So if you aren't currently aware CYT will temporarily experience downtime for 24 hours (maybe 48 depending on how things are going) from the 15th of August.

However don't be sad because in addition to all the cool features and fixes coming in v4.1 we have a patch note for y'all about all the cool pre v4.1 things we have for

grats to all the promotions and new members to the staff team from the last few weeks:
[Co-Owner] ThatGuyChance
[Manager] DC_FLASH
[Manager] Trokie111

Developer] Hitosherizu
[Admin] Jpsh
[Moderator] VodkaVixen

[Helper] _GoPro23_
[Helper] Themastabutcher

[Helper] TWBoyo
[Helper] xFEARxTheTable...
Congrats to Lastfatwookie and all "Redemption" residents,

This town is truly something, besides all the amazing builds and use of the original terrain, this town is very well organised and has a close community that all work together to accomplish great things, it is for these reasons that Redemption is July's town of the month.
Credit: Flpsh
Thank you everyone for showing your support and for voting for the server,

Grats to the top voters of July & votes have been reset for August

Last months winners:

1st | xFEARxTheTable - $30 Store Voucher
2nd | JustPrincessJeNa - $15 Store Voucher
3rd | kalicow - $10 Store Voucher

Please DM any Management on discord to recieve your reward!
CYT Allowed Mod List

Mod Loaders

ForgeLoader [Forge]
Mod loader, required to run most mods (mainly heavier ones)
{Download Link}

LiteLoader [Lite]
Mod loader, required to run some mods (mostly light ones)
{Download Link}


CodeChickenLib (Required to run mods with [CCL] tag) [Forge]
Core, basically a mod which is required to run certain other mods
{Download Link}

iChun-Util (Required to run mods with...
Hey guys! It's your favorite Minecraft Towny server Co-Owner Chance with a brand new diggity doggy announcement!

We're gonna start streaming!!

-Streaming will be done once or twice a month and the day will always be announced days prior

- There will be two types of streams
*Once or twice a month we will have Q&A streams where basically its just going to be me and the community talking about everything CYT, and every question you have about the server don't be afraid to ask in the Twitch chat!
*All the other times we will be streaming is when a new plugin or fix comes to play and we will explain it all for you!
-Staff will pop in and out of streams so you can also get to know them!

-Feel free to give us a follow, link below!

Link: https://www.twitch.tv/craftyourtownserver

Craft y'all later!
IMPORTANT Patch Updates #5
Hey guys,
some new updates just rolled out on CYT.

Crate Key Trading
We've rolled out the ability to trade trash crate keys for more useful ones at /warp crates

We've heard you, we've re-added playerwarps for players with the Blacksmith+ rank in-game.

aaaaaaand.. that's all folks!
ayy lmao,

as you all know (or atleast hopefully) we've always had the same donator ranks and never touched them and well, we feel that we're going to switch it up a little by adding a new rank, but this isn't like the rest of them.

We'll be adding the "Bedrock Donator Rank" tomorrow (2nd July) and this will not include downtime. Now, as this will be different to all other ranks, heres why. It costs $5.99 a month and must already have the Obsidian Donator Rank to purchase it. We're doing this to hopefully have a more stable income for the server upkeep. Currently, our monthly donation amounts are not predictable at all and we're trying to make sure we have a prediction of what we're going to be expecting and what to spend it on. Now this said, lets get into the extra perks of this role.

You get all Obsidian rank and belows perks, PLUS:
Unlimited Homes
All store disguises
All store trails
10 Auction Slots
Access to /block
Access to /autosmelt
$10,000 upon purchase
Access to pre-release items and can be given access to testing*

(The first 5 people to buy the rank will recieve a free custom tag!)
DM any management member to recieve this after purchase


your favourite minecraft towny server owner.


* As long as you accept our agreement about pre-releases
ayy lmao,

A new month begins, all votes reset

Last months winners:

1 | RacyRecipe - 30$ Store Voucher
2 | JustPrincessJeNa - 15$ Store Voucher
3 | g3nFrankY - 10$ Store Voucher

Please DM any Management on discord to recieve your reward!
Congratulations to Tiger and Sparkles, Ordin is last months top town winner.

In the image below you can witness this amazing town, main features that stood out to me personally were the: hot air balloon, windmill and tower.

Also I've noticed a new shop under construction so be sure to check out

(Credit of image: Jpsh)