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Congratulations! Goes to the town Yourmom for being the town of the week.

[​IMG] [​IMG]
This weeks town of the week is Kerania!
we hope you are all settling in to the V4 experience and enjoying it much more than previous versions.

We have done a few updates and tweaks and we want to make sure you're aware so you know what to expect.

- New Dungeon levels (Soon for Unknown Tunnels - Lvls 21-30)
- Miner, Fisher and Hunter job nerf'd to balance economy
- Increasing spawning rate by 0.1% of custom mobs in the overworld
- Keep inventory in the spawn region, excluding no build zone
- Fixed /ah unlimited slots, get as many as listed in /kit rewards
- Nation daily upkeep risen from 300$ to 2000$ (shouldn't be a problem as towns should come together to help pay the rent / To balance economy)
- Town tax risen to 11% per claim FOR THAT PLOT ONLY, was 10%. (To balance economy)
- Custom Enchant store's Legendary tier lowered to 90 levels, was 100.
- Design of Vouchers changed, old still valid till 30th April
- Price of chunk risen for towns, now 60$. Was 10$

That's all for now, let us know what you want to see here
For the first town of the week on v4 it goes to none other that MysticFalls!


<3 2018-04-10_21.22.58.png 2018-04-10_21.23.01.png
Well, after a while of our development team working really hard making this update the best experience you have ever had on CraftYourTown, we can finally release some more development logs.

What's new?
  • /itemfilter - You can edit what items you choose to pick up or not pick up.
  • /bottle - Transform your experience levels into exp bottles.
  • /key (rank) - Sends you a key to put in #rank-sync in discord and receive your donator rank.
  • /dungeons - Teleports you to the dungeons world.
  • /crates - Teleports you to the crates area.
  • /website - Sends you the website link.
  • /updates - Sends you the link to the most recent announcement or development log.
  • /tinkerer - Turns items to EXP
Performance Updates -
  • We've limited the number of plugins on the server to keep the tps stable
CraftYourTown - V4 Reset & Planned Updates

It’s happening.

We will be resetting the server, and changing a huge amount of features on the server and the way the economy is run. Please make sure to read the rest of the post to fully understand the changes and the reasons behind them. Yes, we know it’s long but it’s needed.

So firstly, we’ll be completely resetting everything. Well, why? We’ve noticed over the past month, that players have been complaining about having ‘nothing’ to do. This got us thinking, what can we do to the server, and players came to us and suggested a reset. We think this is a great opportunity to add features and start fresh with you all to ensure a more sustainable and reliable economy, as well as features such as the dungeons, quests, and jobs, being more relevant to the server and it’s community.

We will also be changing the way the economy is run, this means that /shop will no-longer contain everything in the creative menu. We will make sure it has basic items that you may need, however for other things you will have to get them yourself by making and/or trading. The economy from V4 will be mostly player-ran, and money will be inserted into the economy via voting, dungeons, jobs, quests and the ‘REACT’ challenges in the public chat. The economy will become much realistic, meaning around 2 million in V3 will equate to around 100k or lower in V4.

As per request from Mojang, we will be further complying with the Minecraft EULA meaning that we have to change the rewards for donating. Rewards such as kits and other rewards now need to be obtainable in-game. This will result in us de-buffing and make the server less-op to help stabilize the economy and comply with Mojang's restrictions. We will furthermore keep ‘Obsidian’ above just default enchantments, however, we will be making the enchantments obtainable by the dungeons mentioned earlier.

We feel as though the dungeons will become a much bigger part of the server, therefore we...
Want a chance at some really good drops as well as an opportunity to fight a unique boss?

Saturday 24th at 6pm EST

Drops include but are not limited to:
Full set of Diamond Armor of the Gods
Dark Reaver
Hunter Axe
Forlorn Bow
Magic Dusts (Contains our servers max enchantments)
And more...

Stop by Saturday and join the fight.
This weeks town of the week goes to Fiji! Congrats guys!!! 2018-02-20_19.09.32.png 2018-02-20_19.09.41.png
Just incase you don't know, we're going to run through exactly what the new gamemode 'OP Prison' actually is.

So, firstly you'll join at the spawn (pretty normal) and on the scoreboard you'll see "Rank: /warp A" which means you type "/warp A" to get to the mine of the rank you currently are at. You mine there, and right-click your pickaxe a couple times to sell, then when you have enough money you can then /rankup.
The ranks go from A-Z + Free and the price increases each time.

There are also plots, where you can make shops (chestshop) where players can sell to you for more than /sell, but you can still make a profit from multipliers/donor mines.

When you get to free, you're basically out the prison! You'll have an Overworld where you can do whatever you want.

All staff will be taught individually everything they need to know about the server to help you learn and enjoy it as much as we'd hope you do.

And finally, yes we'll be hosting more advertisements for the server over the next few weeks to help keep towny and prison as active as we'd like them to.

That's all folks!

PS: Leave any questions you may have in the comments!
IMPORTANT So, what's next?
Hello all,
this post is rather important so please make sure to read the whole thing to understand what's happening and the future of the server.

Firstly, i'd like to announce that we're taking as many suggestions as we can get, so if you have any please head over to here. Suggestions are important to us because we want to know what the community wants to see, and to keep players on the server.

Secondly, we've added a new slimefun add-on called 'ChestTerminal' shown here in this video here which means that you will all now have something new to learn, make use of and hopefully be able to enjoy.

Next, we're adding another gamemode to the server and before you ask, no we're not changing the name.
The gamemode you ask?
OP Prison

We're adding the new gamemode to help keep people on the server as-well as attract new players that we wouldn't be able to get with JUST towny.
Will you play the new gamemode? Vote above!