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Want a chance at some really good drops as well as an opportunity to fight a unique boss?

Saturday 24th at 6pm EST

Drops include but are not limited to:
Full set of Diamond Armor of the Gods
Dark Reaver
Hunter Axe
Forlorn Bow
Magic Dusts (Contains our servers max enchantments)
And more...

Stop by Saturday and join the fight.
This weeks town of the week goes to Fiji! Congrats guys!!! 2018-02-20_19.09.32.png 2018-02-20_19.09.41.png
Just incase you don't know, we're going to run through exactly what the new gamemode 'OP Prison' actually is.

So, firstly you'll join at the spawn (pretty normal) and on the scoreboard you'll see "Rank: /warp A" which means you type "/warp A" to get to the mine of the rank you currently are at. You mine there, and right-click your pickaxe a couple times to sell, then when you have enough money you can then /rankup.
The ranks go from A-Z + Free and the price increases each time.

There are also plots, where you can make shops (chestshop) where players can sell to you for more than /sell, but you can still make a profit from multipliers/donor mines.

When you get to free, you're basically out the prison! You'll have an Overworld where you can do whatever you want.

All staff will be taught individually everything they need to know about the server to help you learn and enjoy it as much as we'd hope you do.

And finally, yes we'll be hosting more advertisements for the server over the next few weeks to help keep towny and prison as active as we'd like them to.

That's all folks!

PS: Leave any questions you may have in the comments!
IMPORTANT So, what's next?
Hello all,
this post is rather important so please make sure to read the whole thing to understand what's happening and the future of the server.

Firstly, i'd like to announce that we're taking as many suggestions as we can get, so if you have any please head over to here. Suggestions are important to us because we want to know what the community wants to see, and to keep players on the server.

Secondly, we've added a new slimefun add-on called 'ChestTerminal' shown here in this video here which means that you will all now have something new to learn, make use of and hopefully be able to enjoy.

Next, we're adding another gamemode to the server and before you ask, no we're not changing the name.
The gamemode you ask?
OP Prison

We're adding the new gamemode to help keep people on the server as-well as attract new players that we wouldn't be able to get with JUST towny.
Will you play the new gamemode? Vote above!
IMPORTANT Explanation...

What happened last night?

Well, last night Craft Your Town was botted with over 100 fake users, all coming from Brazil. The funny thing is all these users were on different fake IP Address's so we couldn't just do a simple IP Ban. We had to enable our GeoIP filters to blacklist Brazil temporarily.

All users in the following picture with 1 bar are fake users.

Why did data corruption happen?
Well, after I blacklisted the entire country of Brazil (which is now unblacklisted), they were still attempting to log in with around 30-50 users at the time. This caused the Essentials (which is poorly coded) Economy to overflow with data and not be able to save it all.

What are you going to do?
We loaded a backup of Essentials from 5 days ago, which means you will lose money, and we will not replace it even if you have proof as it's not fair to other users that don't have proof. Town taxes have been disabled for 1 week while you regain all your money as we are incapable of fixing that.

Apologies from the CraftYourTown Management Team and Development Team. We will make sure things like this does not happen again.

Town of the week this week goes to Chester!

(┌・。・)┌(┌・。・)┌(┌・。・)┌ 2018-02-12_17.06.40.png 2018-02-12_17.06.52.png
I blame @ThatGuyChance

We've changed crates:
  • All crates have vouchers
  • Vote crate modified to have 1k, 3k, and 6k
After hours of forced labor, redwatch is finally done. He's been held at gunpoint but it's done.

  • We've added Mythic Drops to the crates.
  • New crate added for events.
  • Added NPC's at spawn
  • We've completed the shop. Adding new blocks, mob drops and changing prices.
  • We found very lonely acacia wood at spawn, it was red and had 3 stripes. We had a very detected team to finding this acacia wood, they were all deployed and found the acacia wood.
Well, I've run out of funny things to say at the top of these so let's get into it.

  • The mob/player health bar when you hit them show shows their health out of the maximum health (20) instead of the hearts.
  • You can now gain other crate keys, and store vouchers from crates
  • Changed the percentages you get crates keys from voting. You will still receive one per-vote.
  • /msg now shows their display name and has been redone.
  • You can click a players name and it will input the /msg command for you.
We're still taking suggestions. Please comment below your ideas!
After one day of the maintenance, we have another development log for you.

We have taken your suggestions into account. Please read

  • Player Warps: (Staff will monitor these. Any traps will result in a 24-hour ban and the warp being removed. Please only use these for shops).
  • /pwarps - Show the main GUI interface of warps available to go to.
    /pwarps help - Show a list of commands usage
    /pwarps set - Set a warp at the current Location for the player.
    /pwarps delete - Delete current warp for the player
    /pwarps title <title text> - set the title text for the players warp
    /pwarps lore1 <lore text> - set the text for the players 1st lore line
    /pwarps lore2 <lore text> - set the text for the players 2nd lore line
    /pwarps lore3 <lore text> - set the text for the players 3rd lore line
    /pwarps icon - Set the icon in the GUI to the icon of the item the player is holding in their hand
  • The balance on your scoreboard is now formatted.
  • Tablist now shows your balance and has been redone.
  • Hovering over the player's online tab on the server-menu gives you information about the server.
  • Hovering your cursor over the player's name will now show their username as well.
If you have any more suggestions, please comment on this thread and we will look into it.