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IMPORTANT Patch Updates #5 (Pre v4.1)

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    Jan 25, 2018
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    Hey Everyone,

    So if you aren't currently aware CYT will temporarily experience downtime for 24 hours (maybe 48 depending on how things are going) from the 15th of August.

    However don't be sad because in addition to all the cool features and fixes coming in v4.1 we have a patch note for y'all about all the cool pre v4.1 things we have for

    grats to all the promotions and new members to the staff team from the last few weeks:
    [Co-Owner] ThatGuyChance
    [Manager] DC_FLASH
    [Manager] Trokie111

    Developer] Hitosherizu
    [Admin] Jpsh
    [Moderator] VodkaVixen

    [Helper] _GoPro23_
    [Helper] Themastabutcher

    [Helper] TWBoyo
    [Helper] xFEARxTheTable
    [Helper] Xoul_

    [Builder] nopixelman

    [Builder] Stormbolio
    [Builder] ThePiggyPerson
    [Builder] Z
    [Content] DC_FLASH
    [Content] pentlock
    [Content] Ricto_
    [Content] stroud7310

    [Content] ThatGuyChance
    [Content] VodkaVixen

    Alright so now onto some new things...

    New Server Rules: [New Rules Link]
    Mod List: [Mod List]
    Addition of Vote Link 7 and a new Vote thread: [New Vote Thread]
    New Custom Enchant List: [Custom Enchant List]
    New Colour/Text Code List: [Colour/Text Code List]

    And finally the spicy in game goodness you all came to see...

    - Builder Towny rank (Basically a towny rank that gives players perm to build in town claimed chunks (not player plots) but they don't get the other towny perms such as adding new players etc)

    - Death Position
    (/dp (Shows coords of last death to the player in chat))

    - Envoys
    (Will spawn envoys around spawn every 20 minutes every day until the server goes into downtime and then will only spawn in every 10 minutes on friday mornings - sunday evenings (EST timezone most likely))
    (Envoy Tiers, Common/Purple, Uncommon/Green, Magical/Blue, Mystical/Yellow and Elite/Red) (20 Likes on the post if y'all want me to make a loot table thread for each tier and every 3 likes ill do a forced envoy <3)

    - Lapis Lazuli added to /shop

    - New Item Filter
    (/if (to add items to the itemfilter and then use the toggle option at the bottom for pick up and drop on)

    - Trading
    (/trade [playername] + /trade accept + /trade deny + Shift right click a player model to trade them, they have to be in reach distance though)

    - Addition of React Crate/Key as well as a new /crates or /warp crates

    Somethings to look forward to in the future!

    - Crates Fix
    - Jobs Fix
    - Vote Rewards Fix
    - v4.1
    - We also took into account the results for the poll a while back about what kind of new content y'all wanted and we have an upcoming event in the works, more details will be released soon.
    - Any suggestions that were not accounted for in v4.1 and this patch or if its not covered in the future plans we have we will review them again and thoroughly discuss them.
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