V7 Weird Dungeon Sounds

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Username: Tree_Goats

Date found: 9/7/2019

Which server was this on? Towny

Description of issue or what happened: A bit of a difficult bug, though sometimes when wandering the dungeon i hear something similar to the Elders Guardian Curse sound being rapidly spammed over and over again for no reason.

Steps to reproduce the issue? Wander the dungeon? One place it occurred was while fighting the 2nd floors boss and a while later after entering the 3rd floor, though it disappeared eventually due to unknown causes. It also occurred in much later floors again for some reason

Do you have any mods enabled? (If so please state which, and the version of each mod) 1.14.3 Optifine

Minecraft Client Version? 1.14.3

Anything else we should know? No


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This is due to how Mojang handles sound effects, one or two dungeons (V1 UK) used Elder Guardians and their spawners have still not been removed (will be in 7.1.3)

Bug confirmed.
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