Valaskair destruction of private property and stealing items

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Your Username: Atomicleech74

Defendants Username: Valaskair


Date and time of occurance: 7/13/19

What happened? (Be as detailed as possible)

as a new player I was looking for a town to join. one day Valaskair invited me to join his town Galifrey and helped me pick out a plot. I claimed my plot and began building. I made a foundation of stone brick, and set up a few chests. Then I set home and began moving my stuff from my old house. I set up two double chests full of my stuff and then got off for the night. one or two days later I came back on to find my entire plot had disappeared. The land had been unclaimed so it was no longer mine. My chests were gone along with my items. the plot where my home was is now a brick path leading to another player's home. Valaskair unclaimed my plot, destroyed what i had built, and stole my items.


Mod Cinnamon used a block logger and verified that Valaskair was the one to destroy my plot and build the stone path that stands there now. he is the owner of the town the one of the only two players with privileges to unclaim another players property

Anything else we should know?

I am mostly looking for reimbursement of my items and my trouble. should this be deemed appropriate i can provide a rough list of what was taken. it was not alot but it was essentially all my valuable items as i'm still new to the server
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