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Please note that this is a Weekly update and will not include much new content.
Monthly updates are the Content updates!

Introduced Anti Tool Drop:
- Toggleable with /antidrop toggle
- Allows you to confirm (by pressing the drop key twice) if you want to actually drop your tools

Re-added SlimeXpansion

Fixed MineSync, you can now once again /register or link accounts with /linkaccount from in-game

Fixed an issue where filling a book with 50 pages of random characters and leaving it in a chest would cause the items in the chest to duplicate

Fixed an issue where /csn history would display incorrect data

Added a patch for around ~20 dupe glitches that made it into the final 1.14.2 builds.

Updated Creative to 1.14.2 with all new blocks and WorldEdit

Updated lobby to add support for 1.6.4-1.14.2 clients to prevent players from being presented with the 'Could not connect to a default or fallback server, please try again later:$AnnotatedConnectException.' error when joining <1.14.2

And as a thankyou for playing, everyone that joins from now today before the reboot at 8am BST/3am EST will recieve 3,000$ tomorrow!

Cheers laddies,
Your CraftYourTown Team.