Changelog v6.0.1 - The Vitalization Update Patch #1

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The Vitalization Update Patch #1
Released on 21/04/2019

Staff Changes
  • Re-implemented playtime requirements.
  • Re-opened staff applications.
  • Removed non-moderative staff from moderation channels.
  • Created general staff chat channel on the server (for non-moderation purposes).
Discord Changes
  • Cleaned up the content Discord server.
  • Added #looking-for, #faq, and #town-recruitment channels.
  • Removed v6 discussion and QnA channels.
Server Changes
  • Mob limiter set to 50/chunk.
  • Doubled ClearLag from 250 to 500.
  • Resolved rat infestation by introducing cats (ClearLag).
  • Spawner stacking up to 15x.
  • Disabled DeathChest due to duplication glitch.
  • Removed mystical crate keys from the store.
  • Added XP boosters to CYT store.
  • Added item stacking to help reduce server lag.
Towny Changes
  • Nether Wart base price from 1 to .17.
  • Reduced daily plot upkeep costs to $200.
  • Corrected LWC keys:
    • 15 day unlock key: $5,000.
    • 10 day unlock key: $10,000.
    • 5 day unlock key: $15,000.
  • Adjusted crate rewards.
  • Changed action bar health display from hearts to integers.
  • New item linking plugin, used to link items in chat.
  • Disabled RainMaker and Infused Elytra from Slimefun.
  • New cool furnaces... one might say they're ... epic...
Planned Features for v6.1
  • Gamebox token shop will sell items.
  • CYT storyline quests Season 1 (builds in progress).
  • Custom fishing overhaul (waiting on developer support).
  • Brewery (waiting on developer support).
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