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I'm sure everyone who has been in a forum has seen this game before. It's probably one of the most boring forum games out there, but I'll set a few rules to make sure it doesn't get redundant.

1. Posts must be a minimum 5 words long.
2. Posts cannot be a repeat of previous posts. The same words of previous posts can be used again, but not in the same order.
3. Please do not flame.
4. Please respect others.
5. HAve Fun!

I guess I'll start.

I am Lord of the thread. :p


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shall i tell you, then, that we exist?
there came a light, blue and white careening.
the police like wailing angels
to bitter me.

and so this:
dark matter is hypothetical. know
that it cannot be seen

in the gunpowder of a flower,
in a worm that raisins on the concrete,
in a man that wills himself not to speak.

gags, oh gags.
for a shadow cannot breathe.
it deprives them of nothing. pride

is born in the black and then dies in it.
i hear our shadow, low treble
of the clasping of our hands.

dark matter is invisible.
we infer it: how light bends around a black body,
and still you do not see black halos, even here,

my having told you plainly where they are.
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