SF Deep Storage Unit

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Username: SuperNar3k

Date found: 21 July, 2019

Description of issue or what happened:
I made 2 Deep Storage Units (I will use DSU from here on out). After placing one down, I preceded to put in a few stacks of cobble. Everything was looking good. As soon as I try to take out 1 stack of cobble, the DSU header turns to "Empty", and then the DSU block disappears forever. After this, I wanted to try something else. I placed a second DSU and put in 50 stacks of cobble. Afterwards, I tried to use cargo nodes to take in and out cobble. Putting cobbler in works fine, but as soon as 1 cobble is removed, it loses its whole storage and reverts to "Empty"

Steps to reproduce the issue? 1) Put down DSU. 2) Place more than one stack of cobble in it. 3) Attempt to remove cobblestone from the DSU. 4) Watch in agony as you lose all of those resources and the DSU says "Empty".

Do you have any mods enabled? (If so please state which, and the version of each mod): No

Minecraft Client Version?: 1.14.4

Anything else we should know? I did lose 1 DSU and a whole lot of cobble; if possible, I would like to be compensated.
Not open for further replies.