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Username: Tree_Goats

Date found: 9/7/2019

Which server was this on?
Description of issue or what happened:
Mcmmo Bleed: When mobs are being affected by bleed from the sword stat, they are unable to attack additional hits, or it becomes extremely difficult to hit them
Elder Guardian Debuff sound: You'll hear elder guardian debuff sound being spammed sometimes while in the dungeon, one example was after killing the 2nd floors boss, it repeatedly played it and then a few minutes later stopped
Talisman not given: If you have a full inventory and you kill the last boss, you won't be given the Talisman of the Whirlwind

Do you have any mods enabled? (If so please state which, and the version of each mod) optifine 1.14.3

Minecraft Client Version? 1.14.3

Anything else we should know?
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