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Edit: We've upgraded and server is now stable

Hello all!

We know about a few issues regarding the actual technical side of things for the machine that CYT runs on and we'll let you in on them so we're as transparent as possible.
Basically the reason CYT crashed twice today was that an unknown person assigned too much RAM (Random-Access Memory) to the Towny server (we have 7 other servers running) that the machine doesn't have, so the machine crashed. We figured this out and fixed this instantly.

Secondly, the TPS drops are due to a large number of reasons:
  • Hoppers
  • Redstone Clocks
  • Chunk loading
  • Chunk unloading
  • Mobs
  • Hostile mobs
  • Spawners
  • Slimefun (Inevitable)
The RAM amount is not the issue, it's RAM speed related. (The current machine runs on DDR3 RAM, meaning the server cannot respond as fast as it would with DDR4. DDR3 runs at an average of ~1333MHz whilst DDR4 is a average of ~2400MHz)
To resolve this, we plan to upgrade the server to a 64GB DDR4 machine within the next month*. This will resolve the issues at hand. We're currently waiting for a stock re-plenish on the machine we're planning to order. This will require 3-4 hours of extensive downtime. No servers will be online.

*If the stock becomes available

Hope you understand!
- Luke

PS: If you have any suggestions to relieve stress on the RAM, please post them below. We've already optimised spigot.yml, paper.yml and bukkit.yml as much as the PaperSpigot developers recommended.
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