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I am a lowly 40 year old gamer, disabled veteran, homeowner, who spends a lot of my time between a few games currently like minecraft, sea of thieves and black desert online. I have traveled a few places in my time but now I reside in my cozy home and office.

I could not begin to tell you the list of games I have played over the course of my life..... From Atari to this nice PC I built myself. Butt I will share with you my first PC game I played back in DOS days... Was all in type font words. No pictures. Came with a few items in the package as hints for the game. One of them I think was a paper clip and another I think was a cotton ball, Oh and a toothpick! Well this game as I said types out a scenario to you and based on what it said you had to guess what to do on the hints and proceed with the correct answer. A riddle game of sorts. It was called Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy! I am sure if you were curious you can find a repost of it online and try it yourself!

As for minecraft, I have been up down and around the block as they say a few hundred times.... I first started minecraft back in 1.6.4. Long time from now..... I been anything from player, donator, staff, developer, builder, owner..... idk if there are anymore.... Some have secret ones. :p

I am new to CYT, but while I am online, I will make sure to be streaming on Mixer and Twitch at same time so you all can see my progress! Once I get the basic understanding of how the server works, I will be sure to grind my way up the ranks quickly.

See you all shortly on the grind,