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Username: Tree_goats

Date found: 29/6/19

Which server was this on? Towny

Description of issue or what happened:
Anvil Bug: You are unable to combine enchanted books together, It cancels the anvil interface and says:
[SimpleRename] You don't have permission to edit this block/item

The Skeleton King Dungeon Bug: The Quest Npc's (AKA Joe) (that appears behind you once you go into the dungeon) Reward for killing the skeleton king is - (None)

Extreme Lag Bug: If anyone on the server instant breaks multiple blocks, it will cause the entire server to lag heavily, with frequent freezes (You're unable to interact with anything)
This was performed with _Clickbait_, where we found out that it looked as if you were teleporting as you moved and that the blocks dropped after a few second delay.

CE Bug: The custom enchants list max level is not the maximum, e.g getting mermaid 3 when max is 1, or Overload 5 when the max is 4

SF/CE Bug: Custom enchants will cause Slimefun Gear to not work e.g Piercing 3 on a icy bow preventing the freeze effect. (Probably unfixable)

Do you have any mods enabled? (If so please state which, and the version of each mod) Optifine 1.14.3

Minecraft Client Version? 1.14.3

Anything else we should know? Nothing
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