CraftYourTown Version 7 & Transparency Report


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It's about time we sit down and explain a lot of things.
Get a coffee for this one, you'll need it.

We want to make it clear that we had no intentions, desire or need to reset again just over a month after the last one. We're as annoyed and frustrated as you are and we can only apologise for the events that have unfolded. This was not intentional and genuinely happened overnight. The server was fine, I went to bed, woke up, everything was wrong. It started with most plugins (not in a database) errors and them spamming No space left on device. We realised that something had badly gone wrong and started removing un-used servers to free up storage. This helped by about 3% of the overall partition and it's storage. We then analyzed each server size and found towny had escalated from ~130GB to around ~390GB which was unexplainable when we found it. I then analyzed the plugins folder, that was normal size, the worlds; normal and then opened the logs folder to find a random log was over ~250GB in size. I deleted it instantly as I'm not downloading that as it's corrupted and will probably break my pc aswell as the server. That being said, it was too late. The server had already been un-able to save and cleared all userdata not in a database.
It sucked.

What have we been busy doing you ask? We've been busy with our own departments, i'm not going to explain our departments but we have set things for eachother to complete. Most main configs were done within 2 days, then we had to iron them out and fix a lot of ID issues when converting from 1.13 to 1.14; this was painfully slow but worth it. Next, we were busy making sure that we pre-load the world this time, and yes we have. This will reduce the server load by a crap ton keeping the TPS a lot more stable. That being said, don't expect the first few days to be a smooth ride. Bugs, glitches and exploits will be found no matter how long we test for. As of now, most of us have finished and are waiting on final changes to be made.

We've put a lot of things in place to ensure this never happens again. Firstly I want to make it clear that all userdata that was not in a database did get wiped, so, to combat this, we made a plan to do backups every 3 days, this would ensure if it did happen again, we would be able to rollback no longer than 3 days of data (which currently was just under 2 weeks). Next we managed to get Essentials userdata (homes, economy, usernames, nicknames) to get into a database. This ensures that this is safe in our database and none would have been lost if this was previously in place. We then figured out a way to get your regular userdata in a database (inventory, enderchest, exp, potion effects, armour, current health etc) into a database. This was a HUGE improvement. This would also not have been lost if it was in a database.

Please do not expect huge changes to the way V7 will be, because again, we did not plan for this, nor did we prepare at all. We like the way V6 was working and only made changes that would've made it into V6.2 had it gotten to that point.

V7 Changelog:

  • mcMMO - Modified mcMMO XP amounts​
  • Modified Mystical Crate Key rewards (Removed 4,500$ reward and added 1.14 items)
  • Modified other crate keys (added 1.14 items)
  • Modified Lobby Compass GUI
  • Changed Donator Ranks back to previous names (
    Increased Job Payouts for:
    • Miner
    • Woodcutter
    • Digger
    • Hunter
    • Farmer
    • Fishing
  • Parkour world no longer has seperate inventory. You get a seperate one when you join a parkour or maze.
  • Slimefun
    • Re-enabled Explosive Pickaxe
    • Re-enabled Grandpa/Grandma's walking stick
    • Re-enabled Pickaxe of the Seeker
    • Re-enabled Pickaxe of Vein Mining
    • Re-enabled Soulbound Armour and Tools
  • New custom enchants (delayed till updated to 1.14.2, developer said 1-2 days)
  • Previous Custom Enchants (didn't work how we wanted)
  • Ember (lack of support)
  • EpicFurnaces (new 1.14 furnaces)
  • MPets (not updated yet, will be re-adding when are)
  • Gamebox (check out what we added instead)
  • Envoys (never really worked)
  • McMMO Credits (not updated)
  • REACT (we've got a new one with trivia and maths plus words)
  • ItemFilter (not updated)
  • AquaticPlus - features:
  • TownyGUI (/tgui main to use, helps people that haven't played Towny before)
  • REACT v2
  • ChestSort (/chestsort to enable, will sort chests for you and stack items that can be)
  • PocketGames (more games, more fun. New gamebox. /pg)
  • New Duel Kit
    • Soup PvP
Server filled up storage because of a corrupt file. Database information was not lost whilst player data was so we put (inventory, enderchest etc) userdata and Essentials (economy, homes, nickname etc) in a database to stop this again. We've preloaded chunks to help TPS for the future.
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