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Updated to 1.14.3 (
Was planned but release was delayed by Mojang
Fixed an issue where Town Upkeep wasn't being taken from the town bank but members of the town were still taxed
Added Player Glows to the store ( (credit @chaya)
Removed GWarps

These have the tendancy to clear and corrupt
Added PlayerWarps
You can now create 1 PlayerWarp by default, cost of 10,000$
You must be Commoner Rank to modify and private PlayerWarps
Added Player Levels
Level up your player by killing mobs and mining
Displays in chat next to your username
This can be used by players to determine if someone is trustable and active
Added disguise packs to the store (credit @Fear#3501)
Removed Lottery

We feel that with the Casino and Blackjack, this has become neglected
Added Armo(u)r Stand Editor
How to use
Hold the editing tool in your main hand (flint)
Left/right click away from an armour stand to open menu
Select the labelled menu options
Left/Right Click the armour stand with the tool in hand to apply those options.
Added EpicFarming
Added SlimeCalculator
Shows how much of each item is required to create an ite-m from Slimefun
/calculate <item>
Mazes have been regenerated
Re-enabled Player Collision

Mainly so you can push mobs and minecart entities again, player pushing is just a side effect
Fixed an issue with Black Jack that when repeatedly pressing 'Hit' would cause values to be out of bounds
Added a Combat Tagging system to prevent users from bailing from player-triggered fights

Prevents tagged users from entering non-pvp zones
If you log out with tag enabled, you will be killed by the server, Death Chests do not spawn for this occasion.
Jobs Changes
Increased Exp Payouts on the following jobs
Miner Received 15-20% increase in most items
Woodcutting Received 10-15% increase
Digger Received 10-15% increase
Fisher Received 15-20% increase
Hunter Received 15-20% increase
Updated Values on Farmer Job Tame and Breed List
Increased Pay out on the following jobs
Miner by 10-20%
Woodcutting by 10-15%
Digger by 3-8%
Hunter 3-8%
Updated Values on Farmer Job Tame and Breed List
Lowered the following jobs in payout
Builder 15-20% on most items
Fisher 5-10%
Modified Farmer Job Items
Added Parrot, Llama To tame list
Added Rabbit, Llama, Turtle, Mooshroom Cow to breed list
Added Beetroots, cocoa, pumpkin, melon to place list
Hunter Job
Added Dolphin, Vex, Turtle, Witch To kill list
Added new Job 'Enchanter' (Does not work with Anvils, Slimefun Enchanting, Or Custom Enchanting/ IS Intended)
Added Pyrofishing
/fish menu to view features
Store fish in a GUI fishing bag (only stores fish)
Custom Fishing Enchants for your rod
Added fish of the day extra bonus for the fish shop
Added SignElevators
View how to use here
Added CustomEnchants
/ce to buy CustomEnchants
/ce list to view all possible CustomEnchants
Added 2 XRun Parkours
/warp parkour to try these out

Updated to 1.14.3 (
Was planned but release was delayed by Mojang

Updated to allow 1.14.3 clients (
Was planned but release was delayed by Mojang
Re-added Football/Soccer
Fixed an issue where the ball would go above-bounds and freeze for ~5 seconds and respawn in the centre of the pitch
Fixed an issue where the ball could go inside the goal posts and still count as a goal
Fixed an issue where the ball wouldn't get pushed by players
Added Captcha for first join
Done to prevent botting, one-time thing
Was planned but revoked due to inventory clear bug

Updated to allow 1.14.3 clients (
Was planned but release was delayed by Mojang
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