Legacy Bedrock breakers (in SlimeXpansion) do not function with 1.12

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Description of issue or what happened:
I was attempting to use a bedrock breaker and it burned through 5 drills without breaking the bedrock.

Steps to reproduce the issue?
get a bedrock breaker, put a drill inside, power it and nothing happens.

Do you have any mods enabled? (If so please state which, and the version of each mod)

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I decided to investigate further on this issue.I downloaded the same Core Lib version, Slimefun version, and SlimeXpansion version onto a private server. When looking at the console, I saw that errors were appearing and it seemed that the bedrock breaker was trying to generate the stone breaking particle effect (which appears when it is functioning) from Minecraft 1.8. Justin later told me that a report had been submitted about bedrock breakers on the Bukkit site saying that one stack of drills would mine 1 bedrock, and each drill had to be put in one at a time. This led me to the conclusion that the errors were causing bedrock breakers to skip come of its mining ticks, which were delaying the mining speed.

I tested older version, which had the same 1.8 particle effect problem. I also tested newer versions, which created a new problem with gunpowder, which I assume is due to some change in the name from "Sulfur" to "Gunpowder" though I may be wrong.

I suggest that either you tweak this plugin to function properly, or the easier solution, create a custom recipe for bedrock dust.

DM me on discord if you have questions.
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