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Username: Tree_goats

Date found: 28/6/19

Which server was this on? Towny/Dungeon/X-Run

Description of issue or what happened:
Dungeon Bug:Mob knockback is rather strange, sometimes with a diamond axe , the mob will sometimes be knocked back or the very same mob will not be pushed at all and continue to advance, Punch 2 on a bow works fine though.

PvP Bug: The first hit in pvp will deal no damage, though the second will.
Tested Experiment: Crit Hit gravlabs who had full prot 4 with my axe, and it dealt 0, crit hit a second time and it dealt 4 damage

Do you have any mods enabled? (If so please state which, and the version of each mod) Nope

X-Run Bugs: You can still run out of speed if you don't move and on the easy map if you make it to the finish line while you still have jump boast, it is possible to jump over the finish line and barrier to the starting point, which then cause you to reset there

Minecraft Client Version?1.14.3

Anything else we should know? Na
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