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  1. Cuda_

    Plugin Suggestion

    Should be independent of natural map generation, I haven't ever heard of any bugs from artmap that have caused that particular issue.
  2. Cuda_

    Plugin Suggestion

    I feel that a plugin such as artmap would still be a great addition to the server's repertoire of features. Though I am trying to be as mindful as possible on server performance, I don't believe it will be of great consequence when you consider potential workarounds. As I had mentioned...
  3. Cuda_

    Plugin Suggestion

    Hey guys, I've seen map painting plugins used on a few servers, and thought it would be a nice inconsequential plugin that would provide the community with another creative outlet. Not sure if this server is running on bukkit or spigot but one I'd recommend is ArtMap. It's a very easy to use...
  4. Cuda_

    A Quick Suggestion

    Hello! I was looking around the forum/discord for a channel to look at screenshots of people's builds and realized there wasn't a dedicated channel for it. I'd really like a place to view people's work and potentially post screenshots of my own builds. Thank you for your consideration, -Cuda
  5. Cuda_


    Hey everyone, My friend Whitey4k and I joined the server a few days ago and we're both impressed by the quality of this server. The plugins are great and the community/staff has been very welcoming. After a few years away from MC after our old server shut down, we're looking to be longtime...