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  1. ChunkyChaya

    Remove Limit On Upgradeable Spawners

    The time intervals that it takes to spawn mobs is extremely slow and is with every upgradeable spawners. You also can only place 3 spawners in until the next content update. This makes spawners quite slow and useless and ruins the market for them because no one wants spanwers that they cannot place.
  2. ChunkyChaya

    Buycraft Donation Messages

    Right now the donation messages say "(player) just donated to CYT! To donate. head to". I feel like people would be more enticed to buy stuff if they saw what other players were getting. ex "(player) has just donated to get Diamond Rank! To donate head to...
  3. ChunkyChaya

    Fly Toggle Upon Login

    It's annoying when you lag out or crash while over the void and you have to log in and quickly type /fly to not die. Can we have it so it will just immediately toggle for donors if upon login?
  4. ChunkyChaya


    Right now the current cool-down on supply drop is 10 seconds, I believe that it should be lowered to 5 seconds. 10 seconds is an absurd amount to wait for a crate & envoy crates usually have a 3 second cool-down. I think 5 seconds would be more beneficial but not too easy at the same time. ;)
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    hi guys

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  7. ChunkyChaya

    Meet Chaya

    Hi! My names Chaya and I've been playing on CYT since V2! I recently became helpers a couple of days ago, and it's really fun! I'm currently in high school and I absolutely hate it! Some things I do outside of playing games are soccer and enjoying subway. I love the community around CYT and...
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    there isnt any off topic threads so i decided to make one. talk away i guess lol
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    hi im chaya. I like cats and I play soccer and minecraft. I each Subway every day and get a 6 inch turkey on italian herbs and cheese with american cheese and lettuce, cucumber, mayONAISE and salt and pepper with a chocolate chip cookie and lays potato chips. I also order orange juice I love...