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  1. ChunkyChaya

    Remove Limit On Upgradeable Spawners

    The time intervals that it takes to spawn mobs is extremely slow and is with every upgradeable spawners. You also can only place 3 spawners in until the next content update. This makes spawners quite slow and useless and ruins the market for them because no one wants spanwers that they cannot place.
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    my hair

    me too
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    Chunk biome editor.

    we are going into v9
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    Next Update Thread

    I feel like it'd be fun if god tools could come back but obvs not make them as common as they were because at the start of v8, they were a good income of money if you were to sell them. I think it would be fun to also have different tiers of tools that you could get by crafting with custom items...
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    "Others Section" private

    ^ Still can't even see my own posts in these categories either.
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    Fly Toggle Upon Login

    If that’s how it worked, I wouldn’t have suggested it. You quite literally would fall out of the sky anytime you logged off in the air. I also noticed that sometimes it’s random, sometimes it toggles and sometimes it doesn’t.
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    Fly Toggle Upon Login

    He is probably saving it for when Skyblock goes to V3
  9. ChunkyChaya

    Shady mage enchant books

    I think it goes for most of the lower level enchants- they made them a little higher priced probably so people would just do out and enchant their own. Idk how many people buy the lower tiered enchants from the mage though
  10. ChunkyChaya

    If non base game spawners are added

    I think it would be quite fun as a crate as well because then it would make certain spawners more desirable. I think it would also be good if you could get the crate keys from vote partys or other crates because having to specifically pay for crate keys that are higher in tiers discourages players
  11. ChunkyChaya

    SlimeFun Addition!

    The issue with the rainbow items are that it slows down the tps a lot, that's why its been disabled for the past couple of versions and I don't think the server can handle it at the moment.
  12. ChunkyChaya

    Plugin Suggestion: Towny

    +1 would be a really fun feature to have added!!
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    When everything got simplified a lot of rules got left out that people get punished for so either bring back old rules (pls) or include the ones that were missed out. (rules like afk fishing and 14 days of inactivity for towns)
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    The last person to post is Lord of the thread (king of the hill variation)

    my cat chased a chicken today ?
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    Buycraft Donation Messages

    Right now the donation messages say "(player) just donated to CYT! To donate. head to". I feel like people would be more enticed to buy stuff if they saw what other players were getting. ex "(player) has just donated to get Diamond Rank! To donate head to...
  16. ChunkyChaya

    Support Tickets

    ^ issues will get lost if they’re all piled into one ticket
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    Sell wand

    Yeah but like ~5 people only have the patience to sit there and turn in all the tokens, which is making the token market incredibly expensive. I don't necessarily think the rich would get wealthier because a lot of people do have grinders but they choose to not turn in the items because it's...
  18. ChunkyChaya

    Some ideas for v8.4

    but... it's towny.... they're meant to create towns for a reason. it's not survival where they can buy claims