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  1. Sadbri

    Suggestion for Server Webstore: REACTS

    I actually like this idea :) also I don’t see the issue with having players names as we’ve had that in the past put into reacts. +1
  2. Sadbri

    Chunk biome editor.

    there is at least 1 mooshroom bioome :D i used to have a outpost there :D
  3. Sadbri

    Some ideas for v8.4

    I have actually almost hit 1m in both my barrels already. If i only had one it would have ruined me ;-; Actually 1000 tokens for that one barrel is really worth it.
  4. Sadbri

    Meet Aries!

    Also a great point she’s my IG wifey ❤️❤️
  5. Sadbri

    count to 1000

  6. Sadbri


    Actually if any staff members in a town steal from other peoples plot it goes against towny rules. The player can file a report if they believe someone has stolen from them. So therefore if someone is in a town their stuff should be safe from everyone. If people want to keep their stuff safe...
  7. Sadbri

    New tags in crates:

    &cR&6a&ei&an&9b&do&5w Rainbow
  8. Sadbri

    Town of the Month - May Applications

    Mayor's Name: Quinten0105 Town name: Deep Atlantis Short summary of your town: Awoken from the deep, Deep Atlantis compliments the coral reef around it. Made of mostly glass and quartz the town is beautifully designed. Having changed mayor ship a while ago we hope to bring Deep Atlantis back to...
  9. Sadbri

    I Want It That Way

    Ain't nothin' but a heartache
  10. Sadbri

    mr brightside

    I never
  11. Sadbri

    mr brightside

    I never
  12. Sadbri

    mr brightside

    Destiny is calling me
  13. Sadbri

    mr brightside

    Swimming through sick lullabies
  14. Sadbri

    mr brightside

    I just can't look, it's killing me
  15. Sadbri

    mr brightside

    But she's touching his chest now
  16. Sadbri

    Brewery Suggestion Post v8

    Doing Brews Today!!
  17. Sadbri

    mr brightside

    And they're going to bed
  18. Sadbri

    mr brightside

    While he's having a smoke
  19. Sadbri

    mr brightside

    It started out with a kiss
  20. Sadbri

    mr brightside

    And I've been doing just fine