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  1. Yiroh

    My Pets

    Currently, the MyPets plugin added to the server does a few cool things: We got pets, they auto-summon upon login if previously summoned, you can rename your pet. The last part (renaming the pets) is the problem with the currently coded plugin. The name you give your pet resets to default...
  2. Yiroh

    Admin Shop

    B R I N G I T B A C K Please! Player shops aren't cutting it. You only go to a player shop to buy or sell depending on how it is advertised!
  3. Yiroh


    Bring them back. Simple.
  4. Yiroh


    Some of us have hit the balance limit already and are looking for alternate methods to store money (without other people being able to have access to that money) such possibilities are a bank or banknotes (/withdraw)
  5. Yiroh

    Investigating Ping! Pong... Ping!

    If you see tab on Legacy, it is slightly different compared to v7.1.3... You'll notice that there is balance shown on ping! (Instead of Ping) I think it'd be helpful to have ping also on tab! So I have two suggestion paths for this. First, remove Balance and replace it with Ping. Simple...
  6. Yiroh

    Investigating Reformed [Application Page]

    We Are Reformed We get things done... Somehow. Wish to apply? Please follow the following format if you are an applicant: In-Game Name: Skills/Fortes: Previous Towns [With Version(s)] (If Applicable): Why do you want to join: Please follow the format and post on this thread. (Legacy Server)
  7. Yiroh


    When you do /rules it now brings up a link. The link is to the old host and it tells you it is an unsafe website if you have some sort of protection. Can you change the links from the to the please?
  8. Yiroh

    afecracker Ste

    I was wondering around spawn and I saw Steve in his usual spot but... Something was wrong! Poor Steve is disabled but... poor Steve is losing his identity! Please help Steve find his correct identity. =)
  9. Yiroh


    I noticed a slight difference between completing easy and normal mazes. After completion of the easy maze, it tps you to /warp maze. After completion of the normal maze, it tps you to /warp parkour instead of /warp maze. Solutions Change the normal maze completion command to bring you to...
  10. Yiroh


    So recently I've tried disguising using the command /disguise turtle baby and I have the perm to do so yet I keep getting this error. Yet the problem is other players (testingthings/69in) can do the command without a problem, I am unsure of my perms were messed up after lukemango gifted me the...
  11. Yiroh

    In-game Ranks

    After collecting extensive research about the topic (5 people who talked within a span of 10s) it is in the server's best interest to consider lowering the rank-up prices due to players complaining. Although I believe this suggestion is valid, I believe #BangBros can overcome this rough eco...
  12. Yiroh

    /Warp parkour

    When you are at the little hub at /warp parkour there is a limited area in which you can use commands. It is roughly near the center of the room. You should be able to use /spawn in the entire area at least.
  13. Yiroh

    Yiroh treads upon the worn path.

    Yiroh is here! That is me! I don't normally talk in third person! Hello, I was a former builder on CYT and that lasted about three weeks! ? I am a proud member of the BangBros town and Kappa nation. I have the habit of using the words labor and brother/sister loosely. I like turtles. I created...
  14. Yiroh

    Need Money?

    MONEY - The green stuff. (v8.3 updated) Makes the server spew items at you for it. The in-game currency that everyone needs but nobody wants to actual get because eco is harsh! To make QUICK money, there are a few methods! First: do the parkour at /warp parkour. [Easy money] Second: Vote...
  15. Yiroh


    We Are Reformed We get things done... Somehow. Wish to apply? You can find the application page if you click [HERE]! Playing Legacy Have had dragon egg for 3 maps in a row! (v6, v7, and Legacy).