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  1. Sadbri

    Brewery Suggestion Post v8

    Welcome to the Brewery Suggestion place where you can give us all your brew ideas! When giving us your brew ideas ideally we don't want too may ingredients! However you CAN include SF items! The sections highlighted in red are a must the rest is optional! name: Bad Example/Example/Good Example...
  2. Sadbri

    Meet Sadbri

    I’m Sadbri also known as Sadie! I joined as Community Manager and here if anyone has suggestions or wants to know more about CYT :) I’m usually on during the week a fair amount so if you see me, don’t be afraid to say Hi. When I’m not on Minecraft I enjoy going on walks in the countryside or...
  3. Sadbri

    lumber axe glitch

    Username: Sadbri Date found: 31/01/2020 Description of issue or what happened: I Began chopping down trees with my lumber axe and when i went to remove some of the leaves they broke immediately without the pause Steps to reproduce the issue? No idea Do you have any mods enabled? (If so...
  4. Sadbri

    If a town isn't active it should be removed

    There are quite a few towns where the mayor hasnt been active for a while. Because of the daily keep being so low this means it can keep going for a lot longer sometimes months without having to add money to the town bank. Im suggesting that if a town hasnt had any active members for over a...
  5. Sadbri

    Sadbri is Me!!!

    Hellooo! Im sadbri or known in the human world as Sadie :) I am 26 ? and a stay at home mummy to 2 little girls :) I live in the UK, practically neighbours with the PM! I am a complete newbie when it comes to Minecraft. Been playing a few years but only mostly just dabbled in running around MC...