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  1. Yiroh

    remove the <name> is now/no longer afk

    Straight to the truth haha! I'm neutral on this idea as I just really don't have too much of an opinion of the afk messages.
  2. Yiroh

    Investigating /t spawn not working for new members

    Is there an update on if this bug is still occurring? Figured there might have been a fix in a month and a half naturally...
  3. Yiroh

    Raid sword at /trader

    Thanks for the suggestion, Shawn! Sorry it took a while for somebody to respond, it got buried under the pile of suggestions at the time. During the time when the Dungeons Team had management there was not a raid tier sword intended to be added to the trader, but there was a drop from the...
  4. Yiroh

    Fly Toggle Upon Login

    This should've been closed with the response from lukemango:
  5. Yiroh

    Heart of the Sea in Crates/VP

    This was accepted and added in the 8.4 content update! :) This thread can now be closed.
  6. Yiroh

    Tax consultant - advise!)

    Have you tried asking your parents, aunts, or uncles? I'm sure they can give you great financial advice...
  7. Yiroh

    Sell wand

    Well played.
  8. Yiroh

    SlimeFun Addition!

    The Tome of Knowledge Sharing is disabled due how unfair the item is. Imagine: You join a server and a player hands you a tome that unlocks everything in slime-fun and you use it and so you have everything unlocked which is cool and all but it overall kills your experience/immersion in the game...
  9. Yiroh

    Post not found.

    Uh... Is everything alright?
  10. Yiroh

    The last person to post is Lord of the thread (king of the hill variation)

    If apple decided to sell pies, they could sell apple pies without the apples.
  11. Yiroh

    Support Tickets

    You can bring up several matters with one ticket, after one problem is resolved, you are inquired as to whether you have more... Or you can bring all matters up when you make the ticket...
  12. Yiroh

    Custom Enchantments

    I think its been disabled for quite some time... I believe it was disabled with infusion...
  13. Yiroh

    The last person to post is Lord of the thread (king of the hill variation)

    It do be like this sometimes...
  14. Yiroh

    Towny shops

    This is resolved as the user has been unmuted, requesting the closing of this thread.
  15. Yiroh

    Towny shops

    There are other players (like 69in) who are muted and just deal with it. You can use other platforms like discord and voice chat to ask others to buy stuff for you and just pay them. If you can't do that, you are out of luck.
  16. Yiroh

    Plugin Suggestion

    This plugin doesn't affect natural map generation, correct? We had the problem I just mentioned with another program that converted images to maps so just curious if you know that...
  17. Yiroh

    Plugin Suggestion

    ArtMap is a cool plugin and its sort of a money dump for players who are too lazy to make these kind of things... I am for it for that part but against it for as you said: the potential effect on server performance. I'm more concerned about server performance because then everyone's experience...
  18. Yiroh


    This suggestion has been opened since June, judging from the hype built around the 1.16 update, perhaps this can be implemented somehow?
  19. Yiroh

    Suggestion for Server Webstore: REACTS

    I do see some flaws with this like for say if I wanted to make a react as long as possible, I could perhaps make up a fake word or just character spam and then people trying to guess the react are character spamming, which is breaking the rule of that you can not lead another player into...
  20. Yiroh


    I'm not sure as to what you are referencing that is on the changelog (I looked back at it and found nothing besides a simple explanation of CYTmarriage.) I agree there should be a guide on the rewards page of marriage but I'm not entirely sure if that is actually made and implemented yet...