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  1. The last person to post is Lord of the thread (king of the hill variation)

    Chaya &Thorn broke the rules given by OP, should be banned from forums
  2. count to 1000

    629 this is too easy
  3. Auctioning System in the Auction House

    AH right now is really just buy it now house, there is no actual auction aspect to it.
  4. The last person to post is Lord of the thread (king of the hill variation)

    the word you're thinking of is overthrown
  5. The last person to post is Lord of the thread (king of the hill variation)

    Undoubtedly, a multitude of varying comments
  6. The last person to post is Lord of the thread (king of the hill variation)

    Not Five words, broke your own rule, delete the thread
  7. Player vs. Player - Content

    I quite like envoys because while I have died to khaz and justin in the past and lost quite a bit of money, now we even have banking system so you really shouldn't lose much money at all making it only a benefit to keep in game. I loved the revamp you did and it gave new players a quick way to...
  8. Revert Reacts v2

    I think it's too much of a hassle and makes it easier for people who are on desktops and not laptops (trackpads). It also makes it near impossible to win if you are in a chest etc because now you have to swipe over instead of just e,t,type word
  9. You have 15 seconds to ruin a date. What would you do?

    Tell her I play minecraft for hours everyday
  10. Featherboard PVP toggle

    or, have /pvp not toggle your pvp, but have it just tell you whether it is on or off. Then a player can do /pvp off, /pvp on, /pvp toggle in order to actually change their status
  11. Brewery Suggestion Post v8

    Name: BjorBeer Ingredients: wheat x8 , ice blocks x3, magnet x1 Cookingtime: 2 Distillruns: 0 wood: Dark Oak Age: 0 Colour: ##F56079 Difficulty: 2 Alcohol: low Lore: Bjor means beer in Icelandic! drinkmessage: You begin to feel warm inside effects: fills 4 hunger haunches and lights you on fire
  12. count to 1000

  13. Nerf Miners Mayhem from Brewery Plugin

    what if it just costed a haste gem? it makes it like an upgrade to the haste gem, and expensive on top of that?
  14. Featherboard PVP toggle

    Line 8 is blank I believe
  15. Griefing

    seems easier to claim your stuff and keep your stuff in your well defined claims, while I dont like it either, seems REALLY hard to make staff count blocks and makes a weird gray area
  16. Bank is NOT a worthy investment

    Or bring back stocks and give us an actual way to invest
  17. Get rid of sitting in MA

    Fixed cause now there are no slabs in MA might as well close this one up
  18. Featherboard PVP toggle

    Hello, It's about time you make it easier to see what your pvp state is especially when pvp toggle has a 5 min cooldown. Just adding a line under rank on the featherboard would help everyone I'm sure. Thanks, Daniel