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  1. Featherboard PVP toggle

    Hello, It's about time you make it easier to see what your pvp state is especially when pvp toggle has a 5 min cooldown. Just adding a line under rank on the featherboard would help everyone I'm sure. Thanks, Daniel
  2. PVP in the World

    Hello, Time and time again, we see one certain player do /disguise pufferfish, silverfish, whatever has a tiny hitbox, then find people in the wild with a much bigger hitbox and either unarmed hit them or just straight kill them then fly away. I have one overarching proposition: when a player...
  3. Ban Ice Bows in Envoy

    If I can't use my SF talismans to increase my speed in envoy, someone shouldn't be able to decrease my speed in envoy.
  4. Enderman & Endermites

    Username: BjorDan Date found: Andrew found it a while ago, but we dealt with it today Description of issue or what happened: enderman dont try to attack endermites Steps to reproduce the issue? spawn enderman, spawn endermite, you'll see they wont interact Do you have any mods enabled? (If...
  5. Get rid of sitting in MA

    The slabs in the middle of the ring always make me sit when i look down to use skull splitter or berserker and i end up getting swarmed. if there is any way to disable it in ma it would be appreciated.
  6. Naming Playervaults

    Imagine a world where you could /renamePV [playervault#] [enter name of vault here] and then type in /pv [name here] to access your big storage of dirt! what a world, what a world. oh could also be useful for players with lots of pv's like me who uses only the first 3 cause I feel like if i put...
  7. Voting Message

    It feels like we are being bombarded with the "___ votes until VP" messages, especially when there are a lot of people on the server, maybe we could do it so that there are notifications every 10 votes instead of every vote.