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    New Ah Item Loss

    Recently the new auction house was updated. that's great and all, but when staff were giving items back that were on the previous ah, i didnt get majority of my items. I had the following: 2x Deep Storage Units (being sold for 50k/each) 7x Recyclers (being sold for 5k/each) 2x Heated Pressure...
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    Revamp Economy

    I have not yet met a person on CYT who does not yearn for a change in the economic system. To get more players and keep the ones you already have, I highly recommend you hear what everyone wants.
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    Revamp Economy

    Hello everyone. I would like to start this of by stating the current economy from my perspective. I started playing 2 weeks ago, and have about 48 hours of time (i know its a lot dont judge me its my last summer vacation). This is what I learned: -Voting, mazes, and parkour give decent money...
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    Voting Message

    I want to agree also. Would be so much nicer to clean the chat spamming a bit
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    SF Deep Storage Unit

    Username: SuperNar3k Date found: 21 July, 2019 Description of issue or what happened: I made 2 Deep Storage Units (I will use DSU from here on out). After placing one down, I preceded to put in a few stacks of cobble. Everything was looking good. As soon as I try to take out 1 stack of cobble...