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    Suggestion for Server Webstore: REACTS

    I actually like this idea :) also I don’t see the issue with having players names as we’ve had that in the past put into reacts. +1
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    Chunk biome editor.

    there is at least 1 mooshroom bioome :D i used to have a outpost there :D
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    Some ideas for v8.4

    I have actually almost hit 1m in both my barrels already. If i only had one it would have ruined me ;-; Actually 1000 tokens for that one barrel is really worth it.
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    Meet Aries!

    Also a great point she’s my IG wifey ❤️❤️
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    count to 1000

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    Actually if any staff members in a town steal from other peoples plot it goes against towny rules. The player can file a report if they believe someone has stolen from them. So therefore if someone is in a town their stuff should be safe from everyone. If people want to keep their stuff safe...
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    New tags in crates:

    &cR&6a&ei&an&9b&do&5w Rainbow
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    Town of the Month - May Applications

    Mayor's Name: Quinten0105 Town name: Deep Atlantis Short summary of your town: Awoken from the deep, Deep Atlantis compliments the coral reef around it. Made of mostly glass and quartz the town is beautifully designed. Having changed mayor ship a while ago we hope to bring Deep Atlantis back to...
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    I Want It That Way

    Ain't nothin' but a heartache
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    mr brightside

    I never
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    mr brightside

    I never
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    mr brightside

    Destiny is calling me
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    mr brightside

    Swimming through sick lullabies
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    mr brightside

    I just can't look, it's killing me
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    mr brightside

    But she's touching his chest now